Why It Is Important To Urinate after Intercourse

Sex is one of the most important element of a relationship between a married couple. Even for the people in a relationship, it establishes a new level of understanding and emotional bonds. On a hand, it satisfies the physical needs of a man and a woman while helps one grow fond of the other. If this is so crucial for a relationship, it is necessary to indulge in a safe intercourse to maintain the intimacy between them.


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In this course of having a safe sex, it has to be noted that personal hygiene is a must. Keeping the genitals clean and clear will enhance the experience of mating with your partner. If we closely follow the biology related with sex, we will find that physical hygiene of one has a direct impact on the body of second in the bed. Following this, it is necessary to clean your private parts before getting laid with your better half.

Now, turning to the question mentioned in the title of this article, it is necessary to urinate immediately after the sex. It is found that many females are vulnerable to the infections of the urinary tract after indulging in the sexual intercourse. Most of the times, this infection is caused due to the transmission of the bacteria from male to female.


Let us understand this from the design of the male and the female body. The path followed by the urine and the sperms is same in a male. At the same time, urethra and reproductory tract are different in a female. Since the two follow the same path in a male, it is more prone to transmit the bacteria from one to other in the form of urinary infections. This can be combated by the below-mentioned methods.

First is to immediately urine after the coupling. This way, the female will be able to eliminate the infection causing bacteria before they enter the uterus or the reproductive tract. This is one of the simplest methods and has no negative impacts. However, the chance of infection to a male in a similar fashion is almost negligible. This is because of the separate tracks traced in a female body for urinating and reproduction. However, it is still advised for the males to urinate to eradicate any leftover possibilities of infection.

The second way is the use of condoms. Not any method of contraception but only the condoms. This way, the semen is prevented from entering the female reproductive organ and thus removing the cause of infection in the first place itself.

Third and the last possible prevention is cleaning the organs before mating. Urinating before indulging in the sexual transmission and cleaning the organs after that have proven to be effective as well. This will remove the bacteria associated with the penis before they can enter the female body. Washing vagina and the penis before sex are highly advised.

Nevertheless, urinating immediately after the intercourse can be considered as a mandatory activity to eliminate the possibilities of a sexually transmitted disease despite the use of protection.


  1. An intercourse is not just the procedure to indulge in because that is nature but it is also a key to intimacy of two people who love each other. Thus, it is further necessary that two a safe sex is practiced and none of the two indulged partners are harmed in any way. To avoid the STDs and other infections, it is necessary that couple, primarily female urinates immediately after having sex. This will eliminate the possibility of any infections caused by germs.


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