Young Indians are determined to make India a Superpower

The youth of any country is not just an age group to entitle. The younger generation is not something that is restricted to being the working class, but they are the resource. It is the duty of any government to invest and develop this resource for the betterment of the nation.


Particularly talking about India, we have always been the world leaders. This ’golden bird’ was actually once claimed to be the superpower. With the kind of temperament and the environment in which we are growing, I am sure, Indian youth is determined to make India a superpower.

If you are on the same side as millions of others who plan to initiate a change, you must be knowing what a superpower is?

A superpower in itself is an institution. An influential nation which can turn even the mightiest of the decisions around with the veto power. With the kind of the ethics and the faiths that India has professed and propagated, it is in the favor of the entire world and humanity for us to be there, on the top.

Whenever we dream of being the world leader, we are eyeing towards our young generation. The power of youth on all fronts can never be ignored and thus, hopes are high for this mission as well.

Let us take a look at the qualities which are promising enough to ensure the re-loading of the world superpower, India.


‘Youth knows no fears’ and this lack of fear stimulates the enthusiasm in the younger days. With almost 65% young population and their never dying spirit to achieve what they want is the building foundation to attain the tag of being there on the top. This enthusiasm promotes the fact that failing in an attempt or two is okay but giving up is not!

High IQ

The acronym stands for Intelligent Quotient. The Indian genes are known for the amazing brains we possess. The IQ level required to tackle most of the challenges is already with us. We observe and absorb the stuff early, easy and way better than our counterparts. This ability further is an index of what we are to achieve in nears time.


The 21st century and the ones succeeding it are going to register a massive technical evolution. The country front with same will, by default, is the superpower. Pick up the list of the top layer in the IT giants and you will find our people everywhere. Microsoft, Google are the two of many to name some.

Workaholic Nature

Asians and especially Indians are world renowned for their ability to work for longer hours, efficiently, without any considerable break. To be on the top, we need hard working people and guess what? No-one can beat the hard work we can put in. It is the right time to start and make the things happen as we achieve the alpha character.

Eminent Politicians and diplomats

To reach the top is one thing and to sustain on the top is another. This thing can be achieved only by the strong political and diplomatic attitude. The success is bound to happen and it can only be driven by the potential politicians and the diplomats. Gladly, the young Indians are diplomatic and the eminent politicians at the same time.

Comparing the above characteristics with the people of other countries, it is sure shot for Indian youth to not only take the country to that level but also to rule there for a significant period of time.


  1. Young India is on a mission to make the most of the opportunities and take India back to the top. To stand for the country, they have taken a lead and decided to stay back in the country. Thanks to this will power that brain drain rate has suddenly fallen down and youth is ready to work in an indigenous environment even in lower packages. Thanks to efforts of the government, nation is changing gradually though!


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