Youth and Internet Addiction

Amongst various other things, internet is one thing that youth cannot imagine its life without. The youth depends on the internet for its life. Whether it is a 2-page report which one has to submit in school or a long 10-page report that has to be submitted in office before the deadline, the internet has proved to be the most dependable source of knowledge and information. Apart from this when we have to get in touch with friends, send emails, play games, watch movies and look for jobs, internet has everything taken care of. The internet is the best manager one could have, it has the answers to everything and will never let one down.

How is the youth addicted to the internet

PC addiction – This started long ago when smart phones had not seen the light of day, when children used to bunk their tuitions and go to cyber cafes to chat on the messenger, when kids used to not go out to play with their friends, instead play on the computer the entire evening. The tech experts knew then and there itself that this technology is meant to stay and it should be exploited in every way possible.

Social media – Then came the time of social media, we all started making accounts on Orkut and hi5 which lasted only a decade, and were mercilessly murdered by Facebook, the social media giant of our time. The lesser known and used LinkedIn and other websites also have some role to play in this. People love being online all the time checking what is happening in other people’s lives and what all is happening in the world.

Blogging – Soon people who love writing and reading turned to blogs for the intake of meaningful content. Blogs serve everything on a platter- stories, news, jokes, videos, information and a lot of other stuff which one would take ages to find out otherwise. People have also started earning because of blogging and lately a huge population has turned to blogging to make a living.

Information – Nowadays when you don’t know something, you just use your smartphone and find out everything there is to know about it. It can be a school project, something about your competitor company, about your boss’ personal life, and about who your friend is dating. It is all there and thanks to people’s habit of publicizing, the world can see it.

Communication – Long ago we used to get really worried about our telephone bills and then a little later, our internet bills. Today, even messaging clients like Whatsapp and Hike provide us the facility of talking to our family and friends who are sitting in the other corner of the world. The internet has given us the illusion that the world has become smaller.

Convenience – Using the internet, more than anything else, is pure convenience. I mean, what more does a person want, it is actually spoiling us lazy. We sit in that one laid back chair and do everything while sitting in the verandah. We can shop our favorite clothes, accessories, gadgets, books and make-up. We can make plans and book the movie tickets or a table in our favorite restaurant. We can also plan a holiday, select a cheap deal and find a decent hotel online. What more could one ask for? The internet even compares stuff for you and tells you what is better.

Internet addiction is a planned thing. With so many things that are offered by the internet one click away, it is almost impossible for a human to not get addicted. The marketing experts knew that there would come a time when the entire world will be intrigued by internet and its awesome, they have just made the best possible use of the internet’s popularity. The youth and well, all the other generations are addicted to the internet because there is no other way about it. There is nothing else that could compare to what the internet provides us with.


  1. The Internet can be seen as the life saver which has made the lives easier to a whole new level. As a source of wide information and data, it has been serving the mankind ever since its introduction almost a decade and a half ago. The best part about this amazing tool is that it helps people to earn as well. Bloggers are the celebrities these days who have the power to mobilise a social revolution.


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