Youth is the Backbone of Society

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Thus said one of America’s greatest leaders, and they were wise words indeed. Age may be art, age may be wisdom – and it is important, of course – but youth represents hope. Hope for the future, hope for the change, the timber which burns the fire of passion, heralding about a better tomorrow. In many ways, the youth form the backbone of civil society.

Youth Society


No matter how good or bad the present, the future will be shaped by the enlightened minds of the next generation, and their actions will bring it to greatness, or to ruin. Even today, it is the youth, who with their combination of passion, fearlessness, vigour and energy are changing society for the better bit by bit.

From working in the government, or trying to change the political system from within, to the ordinary day to day tasks and jobs which are nevertheless important to keep the economy ticking, and the GDP growing, the Youth form the crux of society.

They are influencers, opinion leaders, opinion makers. They are educated, hardworking, intelligent, with a sharp edge that can cut deep and accomplish their vision through sheer force of will. They have grand ambitions and plans. They have not been tempered by the cynicism of age. They have not fallen prey to the hurdles of life. Instead, they are filled to the brim with hope, and the kind of energy which can make insurmountable tasks possible. The kind of fiery passion which can move mountains.

The leaders of today will pass, leaving the world in the hands of the youth, and for that, they need to be prepared. Society will be shaped by their whims and desires, and thus, they need to be able. From being the harbingers of a new age, the trumpet-bearers of tomorrow, to being a massive, determined force with infinite potential, they are the shapers of the world. Youth, is hope.

Future business leaders, decision makers, heads of nations and governments, all of these will come from the youth. Thus, they need to be prepared for these roles in life. They need to be educated. It has to be made sure that the backbone of society can remain strong and will not bend to the challenges ahead. That it will not break under the strain of hurdles. Much like Atlas, they must carry the world on their shoulders, and they must do it well. For the world is theirs, and they are the world.

All professions require strong, talented, qualified and determined youth. And later, it will be the youth who will decide the flow of these professions, once they are at the top, becoming leaders in their fields.

Their mental and physical strength, their idealism, and their unencumbered hope, all together mould them into the spine of modern society.

Thus the power of youth must be harnessed properly to set the society on the path of change, a philosophy followed by the Late and great Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.



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