Youth Leisure Market Growing in India

The youth is a generation which gives a lot of importance to the talent and honing a skill, they believe that for overall development one should always give equal importance to their skills, talent and education and it is the combination of all three that will eventually make them successful and famous. Keeping this in mind, the youth has courageously started taking risks and started moving towards careers which were lesser known or not chosen very often by the prior generations. They are striving to become sportsmen, singers, actors, dancers etc. They believe in themselves and in their talent and they believe there is no stopping now.

There are multiple reasons why this decade has seen a marginal increase in the leisure market of the youth, some of them are–

Transformation of the society – The society is transforming at lightning fast speed, people have started accepting that their kids are no Einsteins and they will eventually do well only in what actually interests them. The parents have started sending their kids to various other classes so that they could hone the skills alongside the regular tuitions where the kids revise what they studied in school. The kids are also inquisitive about the world and want to add to it in a different way.

Glut – Noticing that there is a major glut in all the fields that one chooses usually like – engineering, teaching, management, almost everywhere, the youth, up to a certain extent, was forced to push open other doors to success. They started brainstorming over ideas that could open avenues for people from various backgrounds and different intellectual levels and came up with the idea of doing well in the field of their interest. Letting their talent bloom is the best decision taken by the youth so far and it is helping the country grow on various levels.

Frustration – There is also this frustration in the minds of youngsters because they have been pushed in the general direction by their parents or the society without thinking what they might actually want to do. To break free from the shackles of the society, the youth is now determined to prove that there are other ways of being successful than studying their entire life and getting into MNCs.

Interest and Confidence – Apart from everything else, the youth has the courage to follow their dreams and have confidence in themselves. They believe that nothing is impossible and if done with 100 percent dedication they can touch the zenith. Thus, the youth has started looking for things that are of their interest and something that they won’t get bored of. Once they find that thing they put all their efforts in it and emerge victorious. Sports sector has seen a great improvement in the last couple of years with India winning in almost every tournament across the globe in different sports. This shows that the youth is powerful enough to change the destiny of the nation.

The growth of the leisure market in India is a boon for so many generations to come because it will free them from the burden of being the best in school and will give the kids or the youth the freedom to choose what they want to do. The avenues are numerous and the possibilities are endless. The startups are also a sign of how youth is confident enough to follow their dreams and do well in life. So many gamers have started their own gaming start ups and have been able to garner sufficient capital to launch and keep their companies growing. Similarly the talent and skill will see an even brighter future if the leisure market of India continues to grow without any inhibitions.


  1. One thing that I fail to understand is the prospering business of the leisure market! I agree that party is essential to improve the mindstate but excess of same has resulted in giving an opportunity to businessmen to make the money. When the national issues are on a critical rise, making of such business hubs is ridiculous! In place of it, I feel it will be better if youngsters opt to volunteer in their free time.


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