Why youth mentoring is important

The youth of our country often feels a little lost because of the sheer contradiction that the culture of our country provides. They are often stuck with questions like why and how. And at such a point, it is the duty of the older generation to help the youth out of it and give them the correct mentorship. This mentorship will help the youth in solving doubts and becoming better and more responsible citizens. As it is difficult for an individual to function with so many doubts inside their head, mentoring will help them become free and in acting without any inhibitions.

Positive Youth Development

The development of the youth depends a lot on what they see and what they’re taught in their initial years of growing up. The persona depends solely on the society and what they grow up in or around. Thus, mentoring can help them shape their personalities in whichever they wish to. Mentoring opens various avenues for the youth to explore the options and it also provides the right exposure while they are still growing.

Better Sense of Self

Mentoring helps the young people get a better sense of themselves. They understand what they’re made of and which way they would want to go while growing up. They get proper time to find out their interest and their dislikes. Personality wise also, they get time to introspect and find out their strengths and flaws , which gives them a chance to act upon things that need improvement. Mentoring can help a person become way better by just introducing them to what they truly are over a few sessions.

Confidence and sense of security

The young people often crave for guidance and support and when they get it, it fills them with a sense of confidence and security. Confidence because they know that there is somebody to warn them whenever they’re about to do something wrong and security because they have somebody to fall back upon. Mentoring gives the youth a bounce back option because the pressure of being a part of the society does take away a lot from the youth otherwise.

Lesser mental breakdowns

When you have somebody whom you can call your confidant, your chances of having a mental breakdown decrease marginally. You have a person available when you’re in need, somebody who would guide you without getting mad at you. Mentors often see the mentees making mistakes but help them making it right in the most polite and subtle manner. After all, the point of mentoring is not to make perfect individuals, but individuals who will realise that they make mistakes once in a while and that it is their duty to make things right afterwards.

Healthier life choices

With someone who has seen a lot of life guiding you at every step, it becomes easier to make choices which are right and healthy. For example, a person who is being mentored would choose to talk about a mental dilemma rather than indulging in drug abuse. Mentored kids do take up choices which will affect their lives in a positive way and their results are also long lasting.

Mentoring your kids from the right age will help them grow into better human beings and responsible citizens. It is also the right thing to do because during those teen years and even post that they will always have someone to look up to and not feel lost when they want an advice about the most important decisions of their lives. They will feel less pressurized and will be able to give their best even in the most difficult of the situations. And, let’s face it, it is always good to have some support.


  1. The same fire is sacred when walked around by the couple in a marriage and bonfire when it breaks in a forest. The difference is just in the utilization! This is why we need youth mentoring. Our youngsters are no less than the fire and have the ability to make or mar the future of the nation. To acquaint them with the right and the wrong, to expose the traitors to them, to make understand the value of life, we need youth mentoring.


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