Youth Must Travel to Ladakh & Zanskar valley

It is a well known fact that the youth of today is busy looking for places to travel in order to discover themselves and their love for travelling. Travelling is the best way to unwind and learn general things about life. it has a blend of everything- meeting new people, new challenges everyday, adventure and seeing new places. And since travelling to the hills is what usually people do in the summers, here is why the youth must absolutely head to Ladakh this summer-

1. Discover yourself – The best time to discover yourself would be early twenties. You are still young, you could change according to the circumstances and you could keep embracing all the good things that come your way. One could do a lot to improve himself and learn new things. Travelling to a place like Ladakh will only help a person to think about what exactly does he want in life. If meeting new people, travelling and having adventure is on the top of your list then there isn’t a better place to be at.

2. Adventure Ride – When one goes to a not so easy terrain like Ladakh, one promises himself a lot of adventure at the word go. Bike and car rides through impossible roads, being at such a high altitude and risking everything to be able to be there at the top of the country means a lot to people who live for the adrenaline rush. Apart from the riding one could also trek and go from Zanskar to Ladakh and enjoy the cold weather and a healthy trek which is not something that everybody can do.

3. Feel close to nature – Not only does a person feel energetic because of the tricky terrain and the clean air to breathe, one also feels immensely attached to nature. It is like you are in the lap of nature and are being blessed with a perfect view. Like the nature has conspired to make you lucky and be at your service for the entire trip. While riding between the mountain ranges and along the lakes, you are sure to get surprised and fall in love all over again with the nature God.

4. Renewed friendship – It is not just a trip, it is a new bond that you form with your fellow travelers. It’s something that only you people can share because you have seen each other grow through the trip. Most of the people come back as different people from the trip to Ladakh and the ones who accompany you end up becoming your best friends for life. Also, it becomes obvious that they will inevitably be a part of all the important trips you ever take from then on.

5. Learn important life lessons – Not only does the trip tell you a lot about your friends, nature and hilly regions, it also helps you in learning the most important lessons of life. It tells how to overcome various challenges that come your way, it teaches you to be tenacious, it teaches you perseverance. Going through so much in such a short span of time might get overwhelming too, but it will be worth every second of it. It will make you a better and a stronger person.

In the end, I would just like to say that it is not something that one can explain, it is something that one can only experience. An experience that will stay fresh in your memory for years to come and will always take you back to those days when you enjoyed probably the most in your life. It will teach you to live an uninhibited life and it will teach you to seize every single moment in your life.


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