What Do The Youth Think About the Congress Losing Elections At All Levels? Will It Have A National Impact?

Did you know that since 2013, Congress — once the top political party of India — has managed to win Assembly elections in Karnataka only? Do you what that means in terms of percentage — Congress barely rules 6% of India…And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the dire state of Congress amongst the states. Which is why, it has become even more important to finally put forth an important question — ‘What does the youth think about the Congress losing elections at all levels and will it have a national impact?’

Well, we’d be fools to assume it wouldn’t…especially given the resounding rout faced by the Congress party in the recent assembly polls, which barring Puducherry where it attained its simple majority, that has given further impetus to Bhartiya Janata Party’s ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ or ‘Congress-free India’ campaign. What makes the situation grave and its implication graver still is the fact that for the first time since the Indian independence, Congress is staring at such disturbing defeat and is fighting for its political relevance. But what the youth feels about Congress’ present debacle and whether it has the potential to rise up from its ashes…is a much-needed debate.

So, what does the youth think about Congress losing so many elections? Well, a simple poll revealed that many considered it inevitable. With so many scams coming to the fore — namely the 2G Spectrum Scam (2008), the CWG Scam (2010), Cash-for-Vote Scam (2011), Adarsh Scam (2012), Coal Scam (2012), the Augusta Westland Chopper Scam (2012), Tata truck scam (2012), IPL Scam (2013), etc. — the youth feels it was inevitable that Congress would have to face the truth and its consequences.

These scams — in particular the year of their details coming out in the media — clearly had a huge role to play in Congress facing its biggest crisis since India attaining independence. For a lot of the youth of this country, the ‘C’ in Congress became synonymous to ‘C – for – Corruption’. Thus, when BJP sounded the bugle for a ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’, the youth not only saw it as ‘Congress-mukh Bharat’ but as “Corruption-free Bharat”…And for what it’s worth, the youth are glad that there are no more Scams hitting their television-screens since UPA-free days.

Another reason proposed by the youth for Congress’ state amongst the states is the lack of leadership. Most youth of this nation are not able to correlate with Rahul Gandhi, even though the party attempts to make him the face of the Indian youth. When speaking to the youth of this nation, there was one general response that I heard several times over…it was a disconnect they felt with Rahul Gandhi. According to one youth in particular, “He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was handed everything on a piece of platter….we, on the other hand, have had to work our a** off to earn a living. What does he know of the Indian youth and the problems they face?’

One thing that became apparent post the poll was that while the Indian youth is able to relate with the current Prime Minister and his humble origins, they cannot relate with the man who lives in a mansion with his multi-millions. To them, Congress has become as irrelevant as the ‘p’ in ‘pseudo’-seculars.


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