Benefits of dress code in colleges

Every college has been consigned with the right to introduce dress code, i.e., adhering to a typical outline or design of uniform hosted by colleges. Now that we attended school by wearing an unexciting dress for almost twelve years, it visibly turns into one hot unsettled concern whether or not to agree to another such term even when we are finished with school. Over this, there rises valid questions like – why the moral policing now that one is finally in a mature stage; what is off the beam if one wishes to look fashionable and sport a trend; isn’t it a hitch to freedom of expression; how does it matter what one wears, it’s all about studies. Well, these are well thought-upon apprehensions and dismissing them is unjust.

Dress Code in Colleges

Imposing limitations on youngsters could invite a lot of unwanted costs; however, teenagers will always find a way of expressing themselves and following a dress code doesn’t essentially charge them their freedom of expression (if dealt in a noble way). It is essential to realize that dress codes are the central key for respectable appearance and an imperative way to discover the route to self-respect and self-confidence. Also it brings a sense of responsibility. So to combat some of the negative reactions on dress codes, here are few benefits that if well perceived could change one’s perception on the system.

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Sense of homogeneity

Homogeneity brings a sense of equality. It is important in educational institutions because these are places where there must not be any type of discrimination. A college always has a blend of crowd as its pupil. There would always be some rich, middle-class and even poor students. While some may have the luxury to meet the expense of the finest trends, the others who cannot have enough money are only left to marvel about the good things. This shall damage self-confidence in such students, triggering feelings of inferiority, jealousy, insecurity or even depression. Having a dress code brings a sense of belongingness, makes the students feel united and it is the easiest way to recognize the students’ educational background. At such a tender age, students should not be affected with socio-economic disparities which every educational institution should take care of.

Brings discipline

Discipline brings order, peace, and a sense of leadership. You might be thinking how is it even related to dress code? Well, dress code brings uniformity which is interlinked to order and peace. Following a particular pattern of dressing creates a formal environment and mentors pupils for the professional world and its manners. Educational institutions are more about studies and it is not a platform for showing off one’s possessions which is exactly what college students start doing on competing with their peers. This sense of competition is wrong and the focus shifts from their main objectives. Obviously dress codes cannot be the sole cure to such situations but it has its own positive contributions.

Improves students’ concentration

Research says dress codes have an intense impact on students’ concentration level. It helps students focus more on studies and less on how they look. Dress codes have the ability to make students stop fidgeting, stop thinking about why their friend is getting more attention for their looks instead of them, and create a carefree attitude. Apparently peer pressure can extend to the extent where even an academically bright student might feel fed up of feeling left-out among their ‘good-looking’ friends (that since the definition of ‘good-looking’ changed a long time ago).


This is one of the greatest advantages of dress code. There is no such obligation of buying dozens of clothes every now and then. Having a dress code means one time investment that too cheaper than other fancy dresses. There would be no feeling of repetition of clothes because there’s only one single pattern and everybody’s following that; no compulsion of impressing the crowd. One gets to focus more on their personality hence.

While there are realistic arguments on both ends of the topic, however it is the final call of the mutual efforts of the college administration, students and their parents. My personal suggestions are, instead of imposing a rule it is better if students are given the choice of communicating their issues on the subject, which are then addressed with best justifications and when they’re convinced finally a decision could be reached upon. In this way, even the students could have a say and get to decide over their dress codes. An important point is, contrast to uniforms dress codes permit students to have the wisdom of choice and expression.


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