How to deal with a troublesome professor at college

We meet difficult people all the way through our lives and the notion of those who think they’re unfortunate to have encountered the wrath of such in their life is seriously at fault as each one of us, irrespective of age, have faced at least one who makes our breathing tough (read warning – not in a romantic sense this time). Does this remind you of someone from school or college? It has to. There are Professors. And then there are ?Bad? Professors. The latter ones prey on you like their breakfast-hunt and tab you down whenever opportunities come by. They always target, gibe at or even insult in front of your peers and the worst part is you cannot do anything about it but stomach it all in. Some choose to revolt while some remain tight-lipped but some even have adverse effects on them which may lead to something as severe as suicidal leanings.

Professor in College

In cases as such, this article brings in a few tips to deal with the same in order to prevent one from harassment. Hope they come handy!

Keep a positive attitude

Attitude can either be bliss or a curse. It all depends on how one uses it. Do you know that your attitude can change an influenced person into a desirable personality? Well yes. It can bring a lot to the plate. You might be in the bad books of a professor from your department and the reason might be trivial or even non-existent. Unfortunately there are people who take offence in whatever you do or say; call it their mid-life crisis or an obsession for nothing, they dislike you and seek for ways to trap you in an awkward situation. While you may not understand their behavior completely, what you can do is try and figure out the root of the cause. Maybe you had once unknowingly acted in contrast to their expectation or maybe your professor simply dislikes that you being a last-bencher scores more than average in exams. Do not be upset about it or withdraw yourself and bunk classes, (s)he wants you to do exactly that. Take each day as a challenge and face him/her with courage; you can do that if you have nothing to fear about. Not only would you surprise the professor of your invincible personality but you will indeed grow as one.

Pay attention in the class

Even though you resent your teacher for such unfair attitude of theirs, yet smartness and maturity lies in being a good absorber. To spare yourself from getting insulted in front of your peers, listen carefully when your professor teaches in class. Firstly, this will not give him/her any chance to single you out in case you remain distracted. Secondly, you get to learn a lot in the class which instead could impress your professor or change his/her mind about you eventually.

Remain updated

Chances are you will stay at the top in your favorite professor’s list of priorities when they start asking questions from the last lesson. Also they will keep tabs on timely submission of your homework. To save yourself from the spotlight remain updated every time. Ask questions (limited and significant ones) so they know you?re interested in their class. On keeping yourself up-to-date in class, the professor will not get any chance to demean you and might infact take a liking towards you. After all, who doesn’t like to be paid attention to?

Be humble in approach

Being humble doesn’t mean not standing for yourself. A confidence without ego can win you the secret to a successful life. Despite receiving negativity from the other end, you can do a lot to control the situation. If your marks are less than what you expected, approach your teacher with a request to review instead of blaming them straightaway. Accept your fault when it is. Look down if they genuinely scold you; try to figure out the benefit here. Do not be needlessly stubborn just because they are not pleasant to you. Maintain your calm, be poised and react with patience.

I know how easy it appears yet how tough things could be. But what is life but taming the defenses it offers. Because sometimes life throws you in a ring of fire and how you walk out of it is what determines who you are.


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